Classic Embossed Leaf Design Wooden Picture Frames in DIY [PFC-001]

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Embossed wooden picture frame in a dark brown finish. The 2.25” profile is available in many standard plus custom sizes. These frames are handmade in Canada, made to order and DIY.

• Sizes : 08"X10", 11"X14", 12"X12", 12"X16", 12"X36", 16"X20", 18"X24", 20"X24", 20"X40", 22"X28", 24"X30", 24"X36", 30"X30", 30"X40", 36"X48"

• Custom Sizes : We can do any special custom sizes from 5" to 72". (ex : 10.75", 15-7/16", 31-7/8"...)

• For further information & custom sizes, Feel free to leave your message at our store!

Custom Quality Framing… At a Fraction of the Cost.